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3 Moves to the Perfect Booty

Let’s be honest…the perfect booty is the buzz word these days. You can’t go anywhere without seeing gluteus maximus displayed proudly.

This is totally why we wear leggings…right?

But what do we do when the knees crack and moan with squats? Does this end the journey for the perfect butt?

The quick answer…

One of the most nerve-racking noises when doing squats is the knees cracking and it’s time to do a little research to figure out why this is happening.

This noise is officially named “crepitus” and the sounds can totally freak out anyone. Research states that although this noise can be a little nerve-racking, it can be totally benign and similar to popping your fingers.

During a squat, the force on the knee can squish any gas that is hanging out in the fluid surrounding your knee. Fluid? Yes….this is called synovial fluid and it works to protect by lubricating the knee joint.

The squishing of the gas is what makes the popping sensation or even the cracking sound.

However…you knew it wouldn’t be that simple. This sound can be a warning sign of your knee grating against itself which leads to a more serious knee problem.

Let’s dig deeper!

Why do my knees crack?

Halfway into that squat or lunge and your knees are starting to spaz out…talking Rice Krispy noises when pouring the milk.

Cracking, popping, and pretty much making their own soundtrack of music during this workout.

The official medical term for the sounds is “crepitus” and this could be a sign of a noisy joint (like popping a finger) or could be a sign of a more serious knee problem

I’m hearing the noise…do I need to stop?

If you have pain…STOP. Go talk with your healthcare provider to determine what is going on and best treatment.

If it’s just the noise (with zero pain), the current research says that we should look to strengthen the muscles around the knee cap.

Think big muscle on the top of the legs (front and back).

Best news…the moves in this workout hits all of these areas.

Are squats the only answer?

Nope…so many options…so little time.

Check out these 3 highly effect booty focused workout moves that you can do from anywhere.

Hip Bridge

Start on the floor with your feet flat on the ground – shoulder-width apart.

Push through your heels as you lift your booty upwards as high as you can. Squeeze that booty and hold for a moment before slowly lowering back down to the group.

Want a little extra? Just hover over the floor instead of coming all the way back down.

Want a whole lot of extra? Use a resistance band and place around your thighs (feel the burn).

Rainbows (also known as bow taps)

Start on your hands and knees with one leg straight out behind you.

Lift and cross our leg to tap the floor. Lift the working leg and return to the starting position.

Repeat all reps on one leg. Rest and repeat on the other leg.

Want extra? Keep the resistance band. Put one end around the knee on the floor and the other around the thigh.

Donkey Kicks

Start on hands and knees. Keep your working leg bent as you raise it to the ceiling (think about using the heel of the foot to kick the ceiling).

Be careful to not hyper-extend the back…just lift enough that you feel the squeeze in the booty.

Lower the leg back down to the starting position.

Repeat all reps on one leg. Rest and repeat on the other leg.

Want extra? Keep that resistance band for this last exercise. Put one end around the knee on the floor and the other around the thigh.

How many and how long?

Set a timer on your phone for 45 seconds, hit go, and do the first move.

Rest for 15 seconds

Start the timer again and move to the second move.

Rest for 15 seconds

Start the timer one more time and start the third move.

Feeling good? Repeat all for 2 more rounds.

For this timed workout, there is no set amount that you will do. Instead, think about the muscle working in both directions (up and down).

Squeeze that Booty!

Can you do the moves standing?

Absolutely! All 3 moves can be repeated in the standing position.

Where can I find a resistance band?

Ok….here is the thing. For the most part, a resistance band is a resistance band. Find the cheap ones, they work perfectly.

These come in two options with a rubber and cloth material. Pick what you like the best….as they all do the same thing. Amazon, Target, Walmart…really anywhere.

This is the links for what I use off Amazon.

Get this 5 pack for under $10 on Amazon. Click here for the link.

Want to take it up to the next level?

Download a full booty burn workout you can do from the home, gym, target, really anywhere.

Get your booty burn workout guide here!

Let’s sum this one up

As much as the big booty shape is in today, the most important reason to work this area is to help us with our daily functions…like walking, picking up dropped items, and getting up and out of chairs.

PLUS…you get a round little peach of a booty that people will compliment for days.

Did you do it?

Leave a comment below!

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