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30 min UPPER BODY Home Workout

Confession…I am a gym rat.  Ok, maybe I should say I used to be a gym rat.  With this pandemic, my method of working out has totally changed and shifted to home workouts. 

This means that I need good, effective, but quick workouts with limited equipment.

Insert the “less than 30 minutes, upper body home workout”.

This one uses limited equipment and just needs a small space to complete. No jumping and all are low impact exercise. Grab one set of weights/dumbbells, resistance bands, and a comfortable spot on the floor.

If you are looking for a quick (less than 30 minutes) but shaking good challenge of an upper-body workout, grab your bands, one set of weights, and a comfortable spot on the floor. This is a low impact (zero jumping) workout that you can do from home or the gym.

Can I get the same quality of workout at home vs. the gym?

Short answer…Yes!

It is going to be a different version of a workout as equipment is just different between the two locations. But, this does not mean you can’t good a FABULOUS workout from your own home.

With just few items, you can set up your home gym.

Recommendations for a home gym

There are a gazillion gadgets and workout gear that you can get for home but there are really just a few that I would consider staples.

Weights (also known as dumbbells)

The best thing about weights is that you can find them pretty much anywhere. Think Target, Walmart, or sporting goods store.

Tip: Check out Facebook Market and Craigslist for super cheap exercise equipment. Can totally find some amazing treasures here!

Resistance Bands

This is, hands down, the best piece of equipment that you can get AND it’s super cheap. Not only are they super portable (totally have one in my work bag right now), they provide for one heck of a whole body workout. Get exactly what I use HERE (and it’s less than $10).


When it comes to mats, first take a look around and see if you have a comfortable spot already in your home. There is a good chance that you may already have a spot that would be gentle on the knees and a mat may not be necessary.

If you do need one…go find a cheap one. A mat is a mat.

Cardio Machines?

Treadmills, ellipticals, stair masters are all amazing options but with a large price tag. If you are building your home gym on a budget, look to the good outdoors as your cardio machine. Not only do you get the fresh air, but you can add various versions of cardio. Thinking walking, running, or even my favorite…burpees!

Optional Equipment

One to add a few more gadgets to the home gym? These are a few that have become staples in mine:

  1. Kettlebell

  2. Weighted Ball

  3. Bosu Ball

Check out the links below for more information on the individual items and the best pricing from Amazon.

EquipmentLinkWeightsWalmart Link Resistance BandsAMAZON LinkMatAMAZON LinkKettlebellAMAZON LinkWeighted BallAMAZON LinkBosu BallAMAZON Link

Upper body workout

This upper body home workout set my arms on FIRE! Don’t let the short 30 minute duration or the fact that this is a low impact workout fool you because….shooooweeee…this was liquid fire.

What do you need for this workout?

  1. Resistance bands

  2. One set of weights

  3. Comfortable spot on the floor

Description of Moves

Banded Bicep Concentration Curls: Place one part of the band under your foot and the other in your working hand. Rest your elbow against your knee. Keep your upper arm super still while you lower your arm down and back up. Go slow….concentrate on that bicep muscle.

Lateral Bicep Curls: Using weights, glue your elbows to your sides, and palms are facing up. Hinge at the elbows and lift the weights up to your shoulders and back down. Think about squeezing the shoulder blades together in a static hold during the move (shoulders feel like they are wrapping around your spine).

Banded Lateral Row: Place the resistance band around both arms at the wrists. Bend at elbows and stay in a static bicep curl hold. Open arms out to the sides and return center.

Upright Row: Using your weights, arms are position in front of the body with palms facing in. Raise the weights up (almost skimming the body) and stop at the collar bone. Think about squeezing the back shoulder blades around the spine. Release/return back to starting position.

Overhead Press: Using your weights, position arms in goal post with palms facing outward. Raise both weights overhead and return back to starting position. Think muscle with both directions and be careful not to drop the weights back down.

Lateral Raise: Using your weights, bend at the below, and raise the weights up like you are pouring two drinks. This move is started with the elbows vs. the wrists directing the move.

Banded Seat Row: Sitting down on the floor/mat, put one end of the resistance band around both feet (can separate legs for more resistance) and the other end in the working arm’s hand. Pull back with the elbow squeezing the back muscle towards the middle of your spine. Do all reps on one side and then switch arms.

Banded Pulldown Row: Place the resistance band in both hands and arms start overhead. Alternate pulling the band down with the elbow pulling back. This is a very similar move to the banded seated row but just standing.

Banded Overhead Press Down: Place the resistance band in both hands and arms start overhead. Pull both arms down with bend elbows. The band will come in front of the body. Return to starting position. Go super slow on this one. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="Upper Body Home Workout">Upper Body Home Workout (</a>

Girl…where did you get that outfit?

This outfit was so freaking comfortable!!!


These are from Ellie Fitness!!! Good gracious I just love this subscription box. Want more information? Check out this recent post on activewear subscription boxes.

Tank and sports bra

Every single bit is all Old Navy. Yep! Get super cute tanks and sports bras that won’t break the bank. Check out their new items here


My go-to shoe for both high impact and strength training is Under Armor Charged Asset. I get these directly from Amazon

Wrapping this one up!

Let me know if you have any questions about the workout by leaving a comment below, through Instagram or Facebook, or even an email!

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