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5 Top-Rated Workout Items that Belong in EVERY Mom’s Closet

With so many choices and options out there, how can anyone decide which is THE item to have in our closets for workout gear AND is budget-friendly?

It’s time to turn to our moms for their advice on their top-rated workout items!

I reached out to my mom group and asked them this exact question…. “what is the one thing you could not live without for workout items in your closet?”

And these are their top 5 picks.

The 5 top-rated workout items that belong in every Mom’s closet include:

  1. A good pair of Leggings

  2. Yoga shorts that don’t ride

  3. Best Hoodie ever!

  4. Headbands that are slip-proof

  5. A good supportive sports bra

Scroll down to see their advice on the best picks for your closet.

top rated workout items for moms

While workout clothes used to include booty pinching leotards, biker shorts and rolled up sleeve shirts (good gracious…I think I have had all of these), workout clothes for moms have changed into every day – all-day wear.


Being a mom is an extreme sport.

Like…for real.

Just think about what you did today in the last hour. It’s crazy when we think of all the things we do as moms (i.e. chasing that kiddo, bringing in ALL the grocery bags in one trip, getting that workout in, and zoom calls with business on the top only).

Have you heard about Athleisure wear?

Yes girl….this is the new thing. No longer are our favorite leggings a thing for only our workouts but instead is a common staple of daily comfy clothing. This IS our new mom dress code and a trend I do not see ending any time soon.

It totally doesn’t surprise me one bit to hear from the moms that leggings and a hoodie ranks high on their list of MUST items.

Just because we are in our favorite outfit, doesn’t mean we aren’t looking cute!

top mom picks

Check out these “mom-approved” must-have items that we need in our closet’s STAT.

#1 Leggings that don’t break the bank

You already know what is going in this category.

Old Navy Elevate Powersoft Leggings

I am a leggings snob. There I said it. But I am also stupid cheap when it comes to activewear and really want to make my dollar stretch as much as possible. This doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice quality or have my “squat-proof” leggings showing way more than I want to.

So…my journey of finding the “perfect” legging is on!

I am pretty sure that I have found the mecca of all leggings!

Talking butter soft, compression in the right spots, squat-proof, pockets, AND set at an amazing price.

Old Navy Elevate Powersoft Leggings

Old Navy has come out with a new line of leggings that are fab. They have several choices depending on your overall use, but I have found that the Elevate Powersoft meets most of our workout needs and makes for an “everyday pant” option.

These come in so many different colors (talking spiciness levels), high waisted (a must), pocket options, and different length sizes.

Tip: I’m 5’4” and find the 7/8 length is absolutely the perfect length without the material bunching at the ankles.

Check them out HERE.

#2 Yoga shorts that don’t ride

I laughed so hard when this exact statement came from one of our moms AND everything about it true. How many times have you been standing there wondering how far your shorts are going to ride up into the booty crack area?

Good gracious!

I have tried several different pairs and have found one that not only holds in place but also has a price that makes it even better.

Check out the Persit Women’s High Waisted Workout Yoga Shorts (with pockets). Totally on Amazon prime and under $15. This is a deal for sure.

Check out this deal HERE.

#3 Best Mom hoodie ever

I am a hoodie junkie. I seriously may have 15 black hoodies…chuckle.

But this little gem is just perfect!

Get yours HERE.

Mama Hoodie

#4 Headbands that don’t slip

Looking for a headband that will actually stay on your head? I am constantly thinking my head must be oddly shaped as headbands NEVER want to stay on. I will be walking through a store and feel something drop…to only realize it was my headband that just popped off my head.

Sweaty Bands were recommended to me when I couldn’t find anything that would stay put in my dance fitness classes. The magic in these suckers is the material on the backside as it basically like glue.

sweaty bands

So many colors and designs that I can guarantee every mama will find the perfect fit.

Personally, I like the 1 inch ones but you can get them thicker or thinner.

Check them out HERE.

#5 A Good Sports Bra

“I just want a sports bra that holds them in place.”

How many times have you said that? Stop giving me these flimsies options when the girls just need to stay in one spot regardless of my activity.

Now…that being said…I still kinda want the ability to breath.

Is there an option to have both? Absolutely!

cheeky fit sports bra

Check out Cheeky Fit sport bras that were created for this exact purpose and made by one of our own ladies.

TIP: Use promo code LEIGHANN15

Want one? Click HERE.

Wrapping it up!

What’s your favorite go-to item? What are you wearing RIGHT now? Hit that comment button below and share.

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