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Become a Badass Fitness Instructor

I am a group fitness junkie. Like it might be an addiction. I am always on the hunt for a new format, the unicorn, the so unique it drives you back for more.

During a recent search, I came across a video for Badass (by Bounce DanceFit). Let’s pause here and say they already had my interest with just the name.

I signed up and this is my review.

Badass Fitness is a one-stop-shop group fitness class that includes combat, kickboxing, a little dance, and a whole lot of good music. Easy-to-follow moves leave you with a good sweat, cardio fix, muscle toning, and even some balance.

What is Badass Fitness?

This is a combat, kickboxing, cardio, kick some serious booty type of class. Easy to follow moves leaves you with a good sweat, cardio fix, muscle toning, and even some balance.

Is this dance-y? It can be. But this is also a format that you really make all about kickboxing to some really good music. Think Billy Blanks but to good beat.

This program provides choregraphed routines that helps group fitness instructors create a safe but very effective class.

Ok…done with the website answer to this….what is the down and dirty of this class?

This is one heck of a class that can be designed to fit those that are attending. Have those that like it more dance-like? Super easy to modify to add some booty shaking. But…if you have a class that wants more of a kickboxing feel, this can also be the perfect format.

I have those in class that want an easier format to follow that doesn’t have consent changes of moves but challenging enough to really get the body moving. For each routine, there is an option to slow the moves down in the beginning and then speed them up. Tons of volume but moves quickly enough that you don’t get bored with it.

Biggest takeaway – this is a “make it your own” type of class format that can fit exactly who is in your group fitness room. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="BADASS Fitness &quot;Official Promo Video&quot;">BADASS Fitness &quot;Official Promo Video&quot; (</a>

Becoming an instructor

Head over to their website and check out the program.

From this webpage, you will have the option to review their group fitness programs that include the original format (Bounce DanceFit) and Badass Fitness. Take one or both trainings!

There is an option to take the training all online (self-paced) or with a Zoom Training.

The program pricing is listed in pounds (see charge below for US conversion). Pricing may vary depending on conversion from pounds to dollars and can be subjected to change.

Program NameEarly Bird PricingStandard PricingLate PricingBadass Online training (self paced)$210$345$485Badass LIVE training on Zoom$210$276$346 Bounce DanceFit Online Training (self paced)$210$345$485Bounced DanceFit LIVE training on Zoom$210$276$346COMBO with both formats online (self paced)$320$415$555

Tip: Highly recommend the zoom training! This format allows for complete training and time to asked questions about the format, group fitness instructor in general, and music questions. While the online self-paced training provides you with the information, the zoom class puts all the pieces together.

Want a discount code for this training? YES!!! Use BDF20PER to get 20% off. Nothing like a good coupon.

What is required to become an instructor?

After reviewing the training manual, choreography, and class format information, there is a requirement to complete an online exam (you will have the information in the manual) and record yourself doing one of the routines (multiple routines to select from). Your recording is submitted for review and within just a short few days, you will have information on if you have been accepted into the program or if additional information is needed.

Quick tip: Make sure to include your verbal and body cues in your recording.

What can I expect with the Zoom training?

The zoom call starts right out with an explanation of the program, introduction of the master instructor, and then a quick roll call of those enrolled in the training.

Very quickly, we headed into a master class and got on a good sweat. My master instructor was Nicola and SHE WAS A BEAST! The class included a warm-up, a steady but quick progression of cardio/kickboxing routines, and then a stretch/cool down.

badass fitness instructor training review

Next section was information on how to put a class together.

Although warmups/cool downs are provided, you do have the option to make these your own. For the core part of the class, you have the option to do an aerobic curve, HIIT, or circuit type format between the routines. The sole goal is a safe and effective class.

The zoom class also teaches you how to make your own choreography. Starts with how to break down a song into intro/verse/chorus/bridge and to figure out the counts.

QUICK TIP: Head over to to find break down of songs into the sections (i.e. intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc)

The participants were divided into breakout rooms to work together in smaller groups to create a routine and then all back together to put the routine together.

This section also included training on how to cue. This included both verbal and body cues. The master training says “there is no right or wrong” instead work with what works best for your teaching methods.

There is a large section of training for learning the core moves or steps of Badass. Nicola did a great job of taking zoom training and making sure we could see her from all angles (like we would in a live class). She talk us through the different levels, finding the power, and what part of the body should be used in each move. Lots of types for cueing both verbal and with our bodies.

There were a ton of options to ask questions

The last part of the training included an in-depth discussion on how to market your class. Tons of ideas and suggestions on how to build excitement about a new class format.

badass fitness instructor training review

Now you are an instructor…now what?

As with any group fitness instructor class, one should expect a fee to receive continued choreography that has been designed for this format. With this program, you pay one price to monthly to get the new choreography.

The monthly fee includes choreography for both formats (Badass and Bounce DanceFit) if you are certified in both. Everything you need is included on the same website that the training was completed. Once you have completed all steps, became certified, and enrolled, you will have access to additional menus on the website that has the choreography broken down into each song.

There is also a private Facebook page with the other instructors and is the perfect place to ask questions and have support when needed.

I find that many are looking for a kickboxing type of class and this is a really REALLY good option to meet this. The choreography is well designed with patterns that are easy to learn and teach. This is a class that can be modified for all fitness levels and can really be blasted out for an advance class participant. You are not going to have a dry spot on you. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="BADASS fitness “Punch Routine”">BADASS fitness “Punch Routine” (</a>

Wrapping this one up!

Is this a training for a brand new instructor? Yes and no. Between the training and the facebook group, there is a support group to ask question but the learning curve will be a bit longer for someone brand new to group fitness instructors.

I recommend reviewing an overall group fitness instructor certification (like AFAA) that provides additional information about group fitness from a high level about how to put a safe/effective class together, formats (i.e. cardio curves, HITT, Circuit), cueing, music choices, etc.

If you want more information about AFAA, check out this article (

The pro with this program is that you receive pre-choreographed routines. These routines can be memorized and taught in class but there is also wiggle room in the program to make certain moves/sections your own.

This is fun and unique format that will be new to your group. This all standing class can be used for so many different fitness levels while being in the same room. You as the instructor also get a fantastic sweaty workout that will leave you smiling.

Best takeaway advice? Do the zoom training. Sign up for the instructor program. Learn the routines and teach a badass class!

Want to see my audition tape? Check it out here: can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="ROLLIN&#039; - Limp Bizkit | Cardio Dance Fitness">ROLLIN&#039; &#8211; Limp Bizkit | Cardio Dance Fitness (</a>


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