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Best Activewear Subscription Box?

Breakdown of price, options, and how to skip the month

I love leggings. There…I said it.

If you are a total fitness fanatic, the ability to check out new workout gear is a must. Insert the monthly subscription box. Everything you need in one box that is shipped straight to your house. As with many things, there are many options, and it can be hard to decide on the best one.

So…let’s take a deeper dive with a few of the most popular boxes rated by us moms.

Which one really is the BEST activewear subscription box?

A workout (activewear) outfit subscription is the perfect solution to have a new outfit delivered straight to your door. After reviewing pricing, options, personalization, and the ability to skip a month, the best activewear subscription box is Ellie Fitness. Click here to check Ellie out.

best activewear subscription box

Why is this mom picking Ellie Fitness?

Keep reading….

Just thinking about that fitness box being delivered to my porch by my favorite UPS man just makes me smile. I don’t know about you but this pandemic has me re-evaluating my pant options and leggings are winning. I truly believe that a girl can never have enough black leggings but there are times to stretch a little bit and look for those spicy ones.

The ability to sign up for an activewear subscription box makes it super easy to check out new workout clothing pieces and is the perfect way to keep tabs on the new apparel without breaking the band.

Plus…you get to check out new brands!

This post is all about workout clothes but many subscription boxes also include snacks, equipment, and wellness gadgets accessories.

For this review, we are going to stick with the top 3 mom-approved boxes with Fabletics, Ellie Fitness, and Wantable.


What is Fabletics?

This is a monthly VIP subscription box with activewear personalized for you OR you have the option for a one-time purchase. Talking women’s workout and athleisure (love this word) clothing, shoes, and accessories.

VIP plan is a monthly subscription that is automatic but can give you up to 50% off. As long as you select “skip a month” by the 5th of the month, you will not be charged. If you do not select anything AND do not click on that skip a month button, the monthly fee is charged but considered a credit on your account. As long as you skip in time, you will not be charged.

TIP: Mark your calendar for the first of the month. Go check out the month’s selections and pick what works best. Make SURE to click on “skip a month” if you do not want anything to avoid being charged.

Fabletics starts with a lifestyle quiz to determine the best styles to send you. There is an introductory offer that is heavily discounted for your first month and is usually an entire outfit for $25 or two pairs of leggings for $24.

What do you get with this box?

Each month, Fabletics sends out an email with options to pick. Log into their website between the 1st and the 5th to select your items or skip the month. Fabletic outfits consist of 2 to 3 pieces and are regularly priced at around $100. With VIP, you get a discount, and shipping is free.

INSIDER TIPS: Fabletics usually does a Black Friday sale for their VIP members and this may be a good time to check them out for your first box.


$49.95 per month which gives you one outfit (number of items may vary) which is 50% off the 1 time purchase price. This includes free shipping.

Many sizes can sell out fast. So, if you know you will be placing an order, do it on the 1st of the month and get the best options for sizes.

Final Verdict

The intro offer is a bargain. Like a serious bargain AND with us being so close to black Friday, you may want to see their upcoming offer. From the website and online reviews, the ability to cancel your account is a fairly easy process. I will be checking out their Black Friday offer and checking this one out!


Ellie Fitness

What is Ellie Fitness?

This is a monthly activewear subscription box that can be found HERE . This box gives you a highlight of trending activewear that includes pieces to be used in many different forms of exercise or just hanging out at home.

How it works:

  1. At the beginning of the month, check out the large selection of outfits that are perfect for any activity or binging a show in bed.

  2. Didn’t find anything you like this month? This subscription is not complicated. Even their website says “we get it”. Get options to skip a month, cancel any time, and adjust size preferences for each individual pieces.

  3. Get a piece that doesn’t fit? They will replace it at no extra charge. Seriously…their customer service is off the charts.

  4. Find more than one outfit that is a must have? Options to purchase additional outfits and individual items

  5. Remind emails are sent to select your outfit at the beginning of the month.

INSIDER TIPS: This subscription lets you pick sizes per clothing item. I don’t know about you but I need one size for my pants and another for my sports bra. LOVE that I can get a complete outfit but customized to fit me.


  1. 2 item monthly plan (top & bottom) $39.95

  2. 3 item monthly plan (top, sports bra, & bottom) $44.95

  3. 5 item monthly plan (top, sports bra, bottom, + 2 accessories) $49.95

TIP: : If you sign up for this subscription, make sure you pick your outfit (or skip the month) between the 1st -4th of the month.

Final Verdict

I love this one! Like serious LOVE this one. Super easy. Super cute options. And can totally personalized to what best fits me.

This box also has a referral code that you can share with friends. They get $10 off their 1st box and you get a $10 credit. Win-Win here.

PLUS...they have been they have been including special gifts for the past few months. This last month, they sent masks that are not only comfortable but you totally look like a badass mama you are (talking animal print ladies).



What is Wantable?

From their website, they say they are “the online lifestyle service for busy people on the go”. This box is for the girl who wants it all. Talking 7 activewear items that includes leggings, sports bras, and cover-ups.

How does it work?

Start out with a fitness quiz that determines your fitness personality. Basically, it asks questions about the types of workouts that you are doing and then builds the perfect outfit around it.

Head to the area they call the “Stream” and view the latest styles matching your fitness personality. With just a click, you select the items you love to be included in your next shipment (this also selects your price ranges).

When you receive your 7 handpicked pieces, you get to try them on in the comfort of your own closet. Keep what you love…and return what doesn’t work. This subscription has zero obligation to purchase any of the items. You will be billed for what you keep (with the styling fee being deducted).

IF you return all items…the $20 styling charge is still billed to you for the month.

There is no charge to return the items if they are sent back unworn and undamaged with the tags still attached.

TIP: If you keep 5 or more items, you get 20% off the entire purchase.


This one is a little pricy but gives you more options. There is a “styling” process fee of $20 and you pay for what you want to keep. Items range from $40-70 per piece. They will only send items in the price ranges you liked in the quiz.

Wantable also has box options for style edit (think super cute clothes and accessories that you can wear anytime) and men’s activewear.

This box lets you customize your automatic shipments. Options for monthly, every other month, quarterly, or even a 1 time order. This may be the perfect solution if you want get a one time option of a personalized shopper.

Final Verdict

From one mom to another…this one is a little discombobulated with so many options. It’s slightly confusing and the last thing we need is something that has this many options and parts.

This is one to put on the back burner for when you have time to really review it and the question is “when is there time?”

best activewear subscription box

Ok Jaime… what’re the final thoughts on this one?

For this mom, it is hands down going to Ellie Fitness.

Super easy website. Super easy process.

And…they send me reminder emails to keep me on track with picking my outfit or skipping the month.

My experience with Ellie’s customer service has been fabulous. I had a pair of pants last month that were just not right for me. Not only did I get to keep them…they shipped me out another pair of my choice.

Want to try Ellie out? Click HERE

Use protocol code 25OFFNOV for November 2020 to get even more of a discount on your 1st box.

Looking for a new code? Comment below or send me a message

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best activewear subscription box

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