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Best Earbuds for Small Ears

Earbuds….one word…ouch!

There is nothing worse than wearing earbuds that are just too big for the ears and that uncomfortable achy feeling.

Standard sized earbuds can be a huge challenge for people with small ears and ear canals and put us at a disadvantage with listening to music, podcasts, videos, phone calls, and on and on.

Are there any options for us small ear women or are we doomed to wear large headsets or hitting the speaker option on our devices?

In the realm of headsets, headphones, and earbuds, many manufacturers have created products/solutions for those with small ears or ear canals that make the use comfortable. Top pick is using bone conduction headphones that rest directly in front of the ear vs. sitting in the ear canal.

Best wireless earbuds for small ears

What options do small ear people have?

Apple Airpods

For this blog, we are going to dive into a few options with apple airpods and bone conduction headphone options.

Let’s start with Apple Airpods.

As with many of us moms, we get the gadgets that are passed down to us from our kids. What I have rolling around in my purse is the Apple Airpods (the original ones and not the pros).

These are going to run you about $100 from Amazon.


  1. Super easy to use with your iphone. Just open the case, put them in your ears, and you are ready to go

  2. Super easy to pair with your phone

  3. Super easy to charge and keep charged

  4. Charge lasts for FOREVER


  1. They hurt. Not a great fit and the hard plastic just makes those ears ache.

  2. They tend to fall out…a lot.

  3. Easy to get lost

  4. Not waterproof

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for something that is super easy to connect and use for short bursts, this is a good option to look at. But with the price and being uncomfortable for long wear, I would recommend looking at a different option.

How to clean AirPods and the Case

If you are like me and have hand me downs, you most likely will need to clean off that multiple layers of your kid’s ear wax.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Head to your bathroom and grab a few Q-tips and 70 or 90% pure isopropyl alcohol.

  2. Put a small amount of alcohol on your Q-tip and gently clean the AirPod. The alcohol will break up the earwax (be gentle) and let air dry. Can use this same process to clean the case.

Next option….bone conduction headphones

What are Bone Conduction Headphones?

Unlike traditional headphones/earbuds, this device sits directly in front of the ear (on the top of the cheekbone) and uses vibrations through the cochlea vs. the eardrum.

Bone Conduction Headphones

This is the most advanced technology in the headphone market right now and will give you points for being the cool mom with the kids.

With these sitting beside your ears vs. in the ear itself, you also can hear what is going on around you. This is a HUGE bonus for those that are needing to hear traffic when outside walking/running or keeping an ear out for the kids.


  1. Comfortable. Like SUPER comfortable.

  2. Won’t fall out

  3. Extremely lightweight and won’t even notice wearing them for short or long periods of time

  4. Can hear outside sounds like traffic

  5. Waterproof

  6. Long battery life

  7. This is a great option for those with hearing deficiencies involving the ear drum


  1. People around you will hear a very low buzz of what you are listening to.

  2. Will need to wear ear plugs if you do not want to hear background noise.

  3. Can really vibrate if the volume is loud or the bass is heavy.

  4. Charging can be a little more complicated with having to remove the rubber seal over the charging port and using a mini-USB. Can not charge separately from the unit.

One of the most popular picks for bone-conducting headphones is Aftershokz. These will run you anywhere from $80 to $160 depending on the model you want on Amazon.

TIP: Check out Sam’s Club for great pricing on bone conduction headphones.

Ok…love the idea of bone conduction headphones but isn’t there a cheaper option?


Check out Vidonn F1 on Amazon.

Using the same bone conduction software, this headphone option is still Bluetooth, wireless, and sweatproof. Price runs right at the $50 mark and comes in a few color options.

Vidonn F1

Check out this video for information I have found between the two can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="BEST Earbuds for Small Ears">BEST Earbuds for Small Ears (</a>

Let’s sum this up

If you are looking for headphones or earbuds that won’t hurt your ears, my recommendation is the Vidonn F1 due to both comfort and price.

The Aftershokz Air are a very close second but the price is almost double from the Vidonn option

HeadphonePriceApple AirPods$99AfterShokz Air$80-160Vidonn F1$50

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best wireless earbuds for small ears.

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