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Home Gym? What do I really need? PLUS a Home Leg Workout

Prior to our lockdown, I was the girl at the gym using the machines and plates to work out her legs. With everything shifting to being at home, I was worried about getting a good leg day workout without access to the same equipment the gym has.

I was completely wrong!

While we may not have that fancy leg press machine at our house, there are so many other options to get a workout that will leave our body wobbly.

And honestly….I think I may be sticking with home workouts even when the gyms open back up fully.

Working out at home doesn’t mean that we need a full gym of equipment. With just a few key pieces, we can create workouts for the entire body that are both effective at building muscle and burning fat, but also leave our bodies shaking from a great workout.

The best home gym equipment is the one that you have both room for and will use. The staples of any home gym include weights/dumbbells, resistance bands, and an exercise mat. With the addition of just a few more items, you can take your home gym to the next level!

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Best Home Gym Equipment

The essentials for a home gym are surprisingly small and when starting out, there are a ton of fantastic bodyweight (or no equipment) workouts.

I have been slowly adding to my workout corner as I try a new workout or see a new gadget that catches my eye.

These are my go-to staple pieces that I would recommend for your home gym.

EquipmentWhere can I get it?SlidersAmazonDumbbellsAmazonResistance BandsRubber: Amazon Cloth: Amazon MatAmazonKettlebellAmazonBosu BallAmazonWeighted BallAmazon

Home gym equipment list

Sliders: This is one that looks so innocent but can take any workout to the next level instantly. These are two typically round or oval-shaped plates (or discs) that generally have foam on one side and the other is either plastic or a slick like material that can slide across a floor (like carpet, hardwood floors, or even turf).

While this one is heavily marketed for core exercises, they can actually be used for a full body workout including those arms. You can even use paper plates or a dish towel until you get your sliders.

Dumbbells: The different types of exercises you can do with dumbbells are endless. I highly recommend heading to your local superstore (Walmart, target, Meijers) and trying out the different kinds of dumbbells that are available. For me (and because I have small hands), I like the dumbbells that have a smaller grip bar. The Amazon link above is the one that I love with the smallest of bars.

Tip: Unless you want things to match, watch for sales, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, discount retail stores like Marshals/TJ Max for find some really good deals on weights. I have slowly added to my collection of weights to include a range from 2 lbs up to 35 lbs. Not one thing matches but they all work the same and my wallet isn’t hurting.

Resistance bands: If I had to pick one piece of exercise equipment, this would be it. Resistance bands come in different materials, lengths, and colors. My two favorites (and used the most) include the resistance bands that are both rubber and cloth. Check out the Amazon link above for two that I recommend. Grab your bands and check out THIS booty shaking workout!

Mat: This is a completely optional piece of equipment especially if you have carpet at your house. For me, this is more about protecting my floors from my sweat AND giving my knees a little more cushion. The discount retail stores, like TJ Max, Ross, and Marshalls is a great spot to find a mat on sale. When you find one, put your hands on it and check out how it feels. Find one that can roll out and not be one you fight with to stay flat.

Kettlebell: This is a “nice to have” vs. a “must have”. I have two and found both at a discount store. This is a type of dumbbell or free weight that is round, has a flat base, and a handle at the top. With the shape and handle, the type of exercises you can do with this expands into something that can be swung, pressed, held, and moved in multiple ways. They are super small and can be tucked into a corner for storage.

Check out your Dollar General (yep…seriously) as they have a small kettlebell stocked several times around the year.

Bosu Ball: This is the newest addition to my home gym and I think has been the most fun figuring out new workouts to do on it. The Bosu Ball is a two-sided fitness gadget with one side being a flat platform and the other a soft curved dome (like an exercise ball).

Click HERE for a recent post for a doozy of a workout with just this one piece of equipment. It will leave your abs screaming for more.

Weighted ball: Weight balls come in an assortment of both sizes, weight, and colors. There are ones that look like basketballs, handheld balls, or even the ones made to slam down on the floor. This is also a “nice to have” vs. a “must have” and can be a piece to watch for.

home gym equipment

On to the Workout

Today’s home leg workout will strengthen, tone, and leave those legs shaking! This one can be done without any equipment or can add dumbbells for extra resistance.

This is a convenient, fast (less than 30 minutes) workout that your legs will thank you for but…get ready for one heck of a killer workout.

Check out this faced-paced leg circuit that can be done right in your own home with or without equipment. All exercises can be completed with bodyweight only or add dumbbells for a little extra resistance. This workout will strengthen, tone, and tighten from every angle of your leg’s muscles.

home leg workout

Instructions: Complete each Super Set three times.

Standing Super SetExercise 1Exercise 2110 Squats10 Deadlifts210 R Reverse Lunge10 R Single Leg Deadlifts310 L Reverse Lunge10 L Single Leg Deadlifts410 R Curtsey Lunge10 R Slow Side Kick510 L Curtsey Lunge10 L Slow Side Kick Mat Super SetExercise 1Exercise 2110 Hip Lifts10 Static Hold in/Out210 R Single Leg Hip Lift10 R Straight Leg Out/In310 L Single Leg Hip Lift10 L Single Leg Out/In can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="Home Workout | Leg Day #shorts">Home Workout | Leg Day #shorts (</a>

Wrapping this one up!

Where did you get your outfit?

Oh, girl…you already know! This entire outfit is from Old Navy. Check out my favorite pair of Old Navy leggings with the button below.

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