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HydroJug Review | Is this the perfect cup?

Water…blah. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I know that I need to drink it….heck I even preach it to all my badass mama gang ladies.

Straight up truth…I kinda suck at doing this consistently. I mean, I can totally have a few glasses each day but the honest truth is that you will be more likely to find a McDonald’s Diet Coke in my hand.

So….I think it’s time to tackle this, less then the amount of Diet Coke entering into my body, and take on the water challenge.

Water challenge completely equals getting a new cup…right?

Ok…let’s be completely honest…I wanted the cup and I needed an excuse to get it. You now know all my dirty secrets!

The HydroJug is advertised to make it easier and more convenient for us to drink water and it’s time to test out that statement. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="HYDROJUG REVIEW | The Water Challenge @HydroJug">HYDROJUG REVIEW | The Water Challenge @HydroJug (</a>

What is a HydroJug?

Look at any video, magazine, lose weight guide and I can guarantee that “drink your water” is going to show up.

I know….sigh…I know. It’s water and let’s be real…it kinda sucks.

How in the world can we make this better?

Get a cute cup (I know…I am stretching a little bit).

The HydroJug is the “cute” version of the gym dudes that carry those milk cartons of water throughout their day.

This jug comes in multiple colors and a sleeve and comes in at a whopping 74oz. The jug can be purchased only but what you really want to get is the sleeve.

Functionally, this is a carrying device for the jug, comes in a variety of patterns, has a strap, and a side pocket. The real reason you want this is that it collects the sweat of the jug and helps keep your nugget ice in the jug just a little longer.

The sleeve’s pockets ( totally has two) are one inside the other and are rather roomy for a jug pocket. It’s advertised that you can fit your phone in the pocket which is a great place to keep up with both your jug and phone.

Plus….you could use this pocket as a place to hold your phone if you wanted to film your workout. I was able to fit my larger iPhone in the pocket with no issues.

How much does a HydroJug cost?

Head on over to HydroJug’s Website and click on SHOP to check out all the products.

Each item can be purchased individually but you will save a few bucks if you do a bundle. They also have a deal with free shipping once you reach $45 in your shopping cart.

Item DescriptionCostHydroJug$19.99Sleeve$19.99Bundle (Get 2 Jugs, 1 Sleeve, and 1 Straw)$58.46Straw$4.99

Wrapping this one up!

My thoughts….

This is pricy and you can totally find other options that are cheaper. It is cute. It does do what it promises.

But…you are going to feel like you are hauling around a piece of luggage.

What I like the very best about this is that I can fill up once and know that I have smashed my daily goal when it is empty.

Random things I have learned. Chick Fil A sells their nugget ice by the bag (not even kidding) and 2 large cups of water come real close to filling this jug up.

There are so many benefits of drinking water and if you can find a fix to get your there…the cost of the cup doesn’t really matter.

I am quite pleased with this one.


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