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Oculus Quest 2: Next BEST Home Workout?

As we dive more and more into the need to have a fully functional home gym, reviewing “up & coming” exercise gadgets has become a necessity.

Every now and then, we can also come across something that may not be seen in a traditional sense as a workout gadget but in reality, may be the best thing to hit our workout routines.

Guess what!!!???!!! I have found THE unicorn. The surprise rainbow of an exercise gadget that is not only stupid fun, but it also gives you a really good workout without you even realizing it.

What is this? The Oculus Quest 2.

Did you just say…Jaime…what granola bar did you just eat? Isnt’ that the gaming system my kids have?

Oh my fellow moms…this is something so much more. Go steal it from their rooms.

Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone and cord-free virtual reality systems that is the BEST option for VR workouts, fitness, and all things exercise. Check out this mom’s review of this VR system and if this should be our next home workout gadget. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="OCULUS QUEST 2 | Fitness Games: Next BEST Home Workout?">OCULUS QUEST 2 | Fitness Games: Next BEST Home Workout? (</a>

Working out is the suck and when you add that to having to do the workout at home….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I am a working mom of 2 that after a full day of work, figuring out what to eat for dinner, the never-ending piles of laundry….well, the last thing I am looking forward to is a workout.

I have some what tricked my brain by doing workouts first thing in the morning which brings an even bigger reason to have something stupid easy without the need to drag out a bunch of equipment.

Anytime a new gadget hits the market and is labeled “fitness”, I am always intrigued if it works or if this is the next infomercial for a product that will gather dust in a closet somewhere.

What is a Oculus Quest 2?

The short answer is that this is a cordless device that gives you a complete world of virtual reality (also known as VR). Hit the power button and slide the head unit over your eyes and be completely immersed into a new world.

The hard truth is that you are going to think you look silly. You will most like be throwing your arms and legs around in the center of a room looking all kinds of crazy but what you are seeing is AMAZING.

Plus…you might get some cool points with the kids that you are doing VR.

The Oculus Quest 2 is the next generation of all-on-one VR with a boat load of options for games, chat rooms, or just vegging out to new spaces. This unit gives you a 360 view of a new location. Seriously…floor to ceiling is completely an eye candy of a view.

How much does it cost?

The Oculus Quest 2 is the second generation (or re-vamped version). What sets the new one apart is the huge bump in the screen’s resolution AND the battery life on the controllers.

Units can be purchased today from local stores like Walmart, Target, or even order with Amazon. Although this is a pretty popular item, there is stock available and it can be found pretty easily for same-day purchase.

Cost comes in to different levels based on the storage space

  1. 64GB model is $299

  2. 256GB model is $399

I had to consult with the husband on what really made the difference here. Long story short and the answer for us moms, the 64GB one is perfect for us. We will most likely not be saving a ton of recordings, screen captures, or downloading a boat load of games that all need to be readily available. As long as you are ok with uninstalling a game when running out of room, the $299 one is a better bargain. If you have a game that you have uninstalled but want to play it again…just reinstall.

What comes in the box?

When you get your unit, the box is going to come with your headset, two hand controllers, spacer if you wear glasses, and a USB-C charging cable/plug insert.

The hand controllers come with batteries already pre-installed and the headset will take just a bit to charge for use. The cord to charge the headset is fairly short so if you plan on playing with the headset plugged in you, you may want to invest in a longer charging cord. Check out this 16ft option on Amazon

Are there any must-have accessories?

The only other accessories I would recommend reviewing is the carrying case and something to clean the lens.

For the carrying case, I purchased the grey cloth-like case that was made specific for this VR system. Find it on Amazon

There is nothing better than a case that everything fits perfectly without having to worry about squishing things in.

As with any new gadget, you can get a gazillion different accessories with this from crazy cases, controller grip covers, face covers, cables, head straps, brackets, and on and on.

If you think you will be wearing make up when you use this unit, I would recommend getting a sweat proof silicone face pad maks/cushion. It makes it sooo much easier to take off and clean!

Find the one I am using on Amazon.

To clean the lens, just grab and soft cloth and it will work perfectly.

What is the BEST workout game?

To date, and I save the right to change this answer as more games come out, I would say the best workout game is Supernatural.

Supernatural is advertised as a full fitness package for virtual reality with personal coaches.

This app does have a monthly charge of $19 (or get a discount and pay for the full year). It comes with a 30 day free trial which I would highly recommend doing and then deciding if this is the one for you.

There is nothing better than a “try before you buy” offer and this is a long one with a full 30 days.

In this subscription, you get new full body workouts every single day that have different personal coaches walking you through the workout. The workouts are not a one and done and are available for on-demand when you find one that you love.

With the app on your phone, you are easily able to track your progress, schedule your next workout, or even have a little competition with your friends. There is also an option to connect a heart monitor.

$19 is steep for an monthly charge…is this really worth it?

I have decided to go with a month to month to allow me to stop the membership when I have reached my attention span with it. With the subscription, I am able to find workouts that are 12-30 minutes long and each of these workouts have different music playing. The best part about this app is what you see, or the enviroment.

At the beginning of each workout, the coach will walk you through what the focus of the workout will be, talk about the music that is coming up, and also tell you about the world you are standing in.

During the entire workout, the coach is right along side of you cheering you on. And…it’s totally not cheesy…like the coaches are actually really good at this. The coach will help you keep your focus, remind you to hit harder, keep your form, and to not to forget about breathing.

The coaches really do push you!

There is not an option to turn off the coaches voices. So, if this is something that bothers you out of the gate, this game may not be the one for you.

Back to the game! The core of this game is hitting targets with two giant bats that you are holding in your hands. The targets are color coded which matches the bat color. This game is not just about being forward facing but instead is all 360 degrees.

This workout is a full body. Talking arms, back, chest, core, and let’s not forget about those legs. So many squats and lunges. You will never hate triangles so much!

One really cool option with Supernatrual is that the workouts are dynamic and change to be harder or less difficult depending on how you are playing.

After each workout (or song), there is a point system that gives you a check in point on how you did. You get your total accuracy, power, and supernatural score.

The workouts do include a warm up and cool down (all of which can be skipped).

oculous quest 2

Are there alternatives to Supernatural?

Game NameCostCommentsSupernatural$19/month30 day free trial but do have to enter in credit card infoBeat Saber$29.99One time fee with full access to game. This game let’s you “slash” the beats with some pretty amazing adrenaline-pumping music. Pistol Whip$24.99One time fee with full access to game. This one is a little violent with a shoot-them-up style game.Box VR$29.99One time fee with full access to game. This is a jab, weave, uppercut kind of workout where you keep in time with some pumping music.

There is a free app to connect your heart monitor called YUR Fit. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="YUR | fitness becomes a game">YUR | fitness becomes a game (</a>

Wrapping this one up!

The Oculus Quest 2 is definitely one to give a try especially if this is something that the whole family can use. There are so many different options with apps/games that there is something there that everyone will love.

If you are solely using this as something to complete your home gym, this may be a very expensive toy that doesn’t get used to it’s full potential. I would not recommend this pricey unit if exercising is the only factor for purchase.

Specific to Supernatural, I can see where this game will be in my list of workouts for a period of time. The great thing is that you can cancel the monthly membership when you are ready to move on. One cool thing about this app is that they send members a FREE sweat guard for your face mask. I signed up for the app and received an email asking if I would like this mailed to my home.


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