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Starting a New Workout and Making it Stick

Have you ever said….

I am going to start working out.

And I am going to buy this exercise gadget.

And I am going to do “insert name of new program”

AND I am going to do every day this week.

Attack mode turned on high…I got this…watch out world.

First week comes and goes, sorer than snot, everything has fizzled out, and might even be on the couch with a bag of lays potato chips. And have gained a giant bag of guilt for not completing another program.

This was me. 100% me.

Over the last few years, I have found 3 tips that have helped me kick start my fitness journey AND be able to stick with it.

Plus…they work and remove that giant guilt bag off your shoulders.

Working doesn’t have to be complicated, crazy moves, or working out until we throw up. It’s about moving that gorgeous body consistently in a manner that you look forward to. It starts with stopping the sucky workouts, finding a workout you love and hitting the repeat button.

Today, I have three tips to get us up off the couch and moving that gorgeous body AND how to make it stick!

Tip 1: Stop the Sucky Workouts

I don’t know about you but I think there is this unspoken rule that we must find the most suckiest workout ever and do it.

It’s the workout that we hate or dread. We end up finding excuses to not go.

It’s that workout that your partner, friend, neighbor just loves and has convinced you that you will love it also.

You head to that workout, gym, class, online training to find that you would rather take a fork to the face vs. finish this class.

So…..right now…give yourself permission.. STOP DOING THE SUCKY WORKOUT.

Every one of us has a different “love” (and I use that word loosely) for exercise. Let’s be honest, working out sucks. It takes up time, you get sweaty, and you constantly have to wash your hair.

Let’s also hit the pause button and talk about a topic that comes up a lot. For many of us, working out (or any exercise) is to make our body feel good and not for a fitness contest of sorts. We are not out here trying to be an Olympic or a CrossFit competitor and there is not need to train at that level.

It’s just about finding something to make our bodies move and feel good.

So…what activities do you like to do?

Could be walking, running, hiking, lifting weights, dance fitness, barre, yoga, pilates, crossfit, step class, kickboxing, and on and on!

For me, I am totally in love with dance fitness and strength training. They are the workouts that I get excited about doing and want to go back for more. This is the exact opposite of how I would feel if someone asked me to go train for a marathon (ummmmm…no thank you).

no thank you meme

Tip 2: Find Something YOU Love

What do you like to do? Do you like to go outside? Or maybe an indoor activity?

Do you like group classes, something smaller, or even a home workout? Or maybe even a hybrid of all of the above?

group fitness class

If you are looking for a workout in a group or small group setting, I highly recommend trying a lot of different classes.

AND…this can be done on the cheap!

Go ask for a trial class (or they may have a highly discounted rate to try it out) or check out Groupon and Living Social.

No need to get a full membership right out of the gate. Take your time with trying out a bunch of different classes and workouts until you find one that is something you like.

Home workouts?

Oh girl….so many options on YouTube!

Check out my YouTube Video that talks about these exact 3 tips AND shows you how I search for full workouts that can be done at home. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="MAKING IT STICK | 3 Tips to Starting a New Workout">MAKING IT STICK | 3 Tips to Starting a New Workout (</a>

Tip #3: Hit the Repeat Button

Sometimes we sign up for that class, love it for the first 2 weeks, and then the love starts to fade.

If you find that you are no longer liking a particular workout, give yourself permission (and some grace) to say…ok…we need a new plan.

Goal is to move our body. The cool thing about this…it doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over.

Stick with the workout until the love has faded and then start the process of finding a new class or workout. There is nothing better than the excitement of trying out a new one!

i think this is a master plan gif

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Working out guide

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This guide book will give you real life tips on how to get back to a workout that your body is craving and starting feeling like the sexy gorgeous woman you are.

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Wrapping this one up!

So remember…

  1. Stop the sucky workouts

  2. Find something you love

  3. Hit the repeat button

This is the magic sauce!


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