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Stealth Core Trainer Review – The Plankster & First Impressions

I am one of “those people” who can be suckered into a good buy especially if it will fit into my home gym. As COVD has torn through what a workout looks like for many, the need to add to a home workout has multiplied like crazy.

I reached out to my sexy hot mamas in the Badass Mama Gang Facebook group and asked “Is there something that you have an eye on but wondering if it really works?”

This group did not disappoint with the different ideas and suggestions! They included the weighted hula hoop, sliders, resistance bands, exercise balls, and the mecca of them all….the stealth core trainer.

Now, I am super embarrassed to say this but….we totally have the stealth core trainer hidden in a closet with the sales sticker still firmly on it.

Why you say? This was a gadget that the husband purchased and was locked away in a secret place for “when I have time to try this”.

It was time to rediscover the husband’s unused Amazon purchases! And it starts with the Plankster!

The Stealth Core Trainer is a home workout gadget that puts your core workout to a whole other level. Check out this review of what it is, which one to get, and where to find the best deal. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="CORE TRAINER Stealth Core Trainer Review – The Plankster – First Impressions">CORE TRAINER Stealth Core Trainer Review – The Plankster – First Impressions (</a>

What is it?

The short answer is that this is a core trainer that adds a little “extra”.

The Stealth Core Trainer is an exercise gadget that makes planks “more fun” while you are distracted with playing a game. Your phone (all types of smartphones, apples, android, etc), fits into the center of the unit and can be placed either horizontal or vertical in the holder. The basis is that you play games with your phone while moving around on the board in a plank position.

The trainer, itself, is a dome-type platform with a hard plastic board attached on top. Depending on which unit you purchased the top will have degrees of cushioning/padding for your arms. This board can move up/down, left/right, and even tilt and twist.

The base does have rubber around the edges that both keep it from sliding but also helps to not cause any damage to your floors.

Which Stealth Core Trainer Should I buy?

The stealth Core training comes in 3 models.

The Professional Core trainer (the green one) is to be used in a gym setting and built to stand a larger amount of use. It also has a higher weight limit at up to 400lbs. This is the full package deal and the best option for a gym.

For personal or home use, the Personal Core Trainer (orange/red) and Plankster (yellow) are the best choices for the price.

The biggest difference between the personal units is the surface area for your arms and how big the gadget is overall. If you have wider shoulders or looking for more elbow room, take a look at the Stealth Personal Core Trainer that is Orange/Red.

The amount of padding on the surface is also slightly different between the Yellow and Orange/Red units.

The yellow Plankster has padding in a strip specific to where the arms and elbows would be located while the orange personal core trainer has padding all over the top of the core trainer. The thickness of the padding is also different between the units with the orange unit having about an inch and a half of form compared to ½ to ¾ inch foam on the yellow unit.

Tip: Have tender elbows? Go with the Personal Core Trainer (orange) and get the extra padding.

Stealth Core TrainerStealth PlanksterStealth Personal Core TrainerStealth Professional Core Trainer ColorYellowOrange/RedGreen Price$149.00$199.00$299.00 Amazon LinkAmazon Amazon Amazon Platform SizeSmallest of the threePersonal Core/Professional Core have the same platform sizePersonal Core/Professional Core have the same platform sizePersonal vs. Commercial UsePersonalPersonalCommercial/GymWeight LimitUp to 250 lbsUp to 250 lbsUp to 400lbs360 Degree Dynamic MotionYesYesYesFits any size smart phoneYesYesYesWarranty90 day90 day1 yearReturn30 day return on both Amazon and direct website30 day return on both Amazon and direct website30 day return on both Amazon and direct website

What comes in the box?

It comes fully assembled!!! Hallelujah! Be prepared for a larger box to arrive on your door step but everything is already put together. I don’t know about you but this is such a check in the pro column. The box is going to have 2 things: the trainer and a user guide.

The user guide is on a large, laminated card that shows the basics and is a one way ticket to getting started.

Does it really work?

This exercise gadgets uses the words “dynamic plank motion” to market their device but what the heck does this mean. By having the unstable foundation mixed with motion from the user, the entire body is kicking in to keep you up on the unit and not falling on the floor.

This is a great option for those that have back pain and doing an ab exercise on the floor just isn’t going to happen.

Ok…that seemed like a very canned answer. The short answer to this question is yes…this really does work. A plank is a full body workout all in itself but this trainer makes the plank something that is more fun (because who loves just planking on the ground), something we want to do, and it helps us hold that plank just a little longer.

Using this over a period of time will leave you with a core that feels tighter, arms (especially the back of your arms – the triceps), and your legs especially the booty.

Is the stealth core trainer worth it?

This one does come with a bit of a price tag for a workout that is centered around one area of our bodies. Is it worth it? Yes…but the worth is really about how often you would use it.

I love planks….like LOVE planks for what they do for our bodies. But…staring at the floor does get boring quick! I often find myself staring at the timer on my phone wishing the clock would move faster (and let’s not talk about the sweat dripping on the floor).

This trainer does add a new flair to the plank. It is a gadget that makes a plank SOOOOOOOOOOO much better and takes away the watching of a clock.

For me, the challenges are the very best part whether they are trying to beat your personal best or with a friend.

Where to find more workouts?

The best part about this exercise gadget is the games. The Stealth Core Trainer comes with a free app that can be downloaded to your phone. This app is for both apple and android.

From this app, you get to pick from games or challenges. The app has multiple free games with an option to join their Stealth Premium plan to access the rest of the games. The premium plan is $24.99/year.

Not ready to pay for a premium plan? Start with the free games.

The first is Galaxy Adventure and it is an aim and shoot type of game in outer space. Talking twisting and tilting on the core trainer to shoot fireballs at planets.

The second game is Speed Gliding and this one is all about sailing through the air on a glider. Talking an outdoor obstacle course of birds, trees, hot air balloons, floating rings, and more.

Both games give you the option to play in a countdown (can set a timer) or endurance mode (go until you can’t anymore). Regardless of which one you choose, you will get a scorecard at the end that shows your last 5 scores. Nice way to check out your progress.

The app gives you a daily workout calendar that tracks each day that you do it. This keeps your score for each game

Like a little competition? Go play a challenge with another player. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="Stealth Plankster- This 3 Minute Plank Workout is Super Fun!">Stealth Plankster- This 3 Minute Plank Workout is Super Fun! (</a>

How to Join a Stealth Trainer Group Challenge

The very best part (like not even kidding here) is the group challenges. These challenges allow you to connect with anyone that has a trainer around the world.

There are two ways to join a challenge.

#1: Joining a challenge that doesn’t require a code

  1. Head to the app and select “join a public challenge”

  2. Check out the list of available challenges. Each will have a brief description of the challenge, level (easy, medium, hard), how many people are participating, how many days the challenge has been active, and if the challenge is accumulated, countdown, or an endurance challenge.

  3. On the right-hand side, there is an option to get more info or join the challenge.

  4. Clicking join opens a new screen that shows the challenge code with an option to continue. Once you click on continue you are entered into the challenge. To participate you will need to click on the back-left arrow which will take you to My Challenges. This list shows all the challenges you have entered. Select the challenge and get ready to game your core.

#2: Joining a private challenge with a code

  1. Head to the app and select “join a private challenge”

  2. Enter in your group code

  3. After entering your challenge code select continue. Your challenge details are now on the page and you have the option to play right away or invite others.

  4. If you’re not ready to play right away select the Stealth emblem on the bottom middle of your screen to go back to the home page or simply exit out of your app. When you’re ready to play you will find your active challenges in the My Challenges list.

How often should you use your stealth core trainer?

Per the creators of this exercise gadget, they will tell use that we should use it every day. This is doable as they are talking only 3 minutes per day. The benefits include reduced back pain, better posture, and having fun/playing games while planking. They encourage the total time of 3 minutes but include options to break up this time in any manner that best fits the user.

Finding a deal!

The website for Stealth Core is offering the yellow unit at a discount AND with a 60 day risk free try.

Get the yellow unit for $99 by ordering directly on their website.

Stealth Core Website

Wrapping this one up!

The Pros:

  1. The exercise gadget comes fully assembled and requires no batteries (or have to plug it in)

  2. Padding for your arms. Does matter which unit you get…the core trainer comes with a comfortable spot for our arms unlike a flat yoga mat

  3. The games are addictive especially the challenges. Like you actually want to do this.

  4. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions. The trainer isn’t a one-stop shop for just one level but can grow with you as your progress increases. Tons of modifications can be used for each move.

The Cons:

  1. It’s kind of expensive

  2. Takes up space. This unit, while somewhat flat, does not fold down and does take up a bit of space. It is slightly awkward with the base and finding a spot to lean against a wall. I find that I just let it sit out on the floor.

  3. Having to pay extra for the premium subscription. Totally get this and if you break it down for a year, the cost isn’t really that high (like 6 cents per day). There is not an abundance of games yet but it does look like this will be something they are planning to add more games to.

Stealth Nation also has a Facebook Group which is cool to have a community of others using the trainer. Totally find a new friend (or challenge partner) or watch a video from one of the trainers for new moves.

At the beginning of the month, they have a group challenge. They post a special code that is used in the app to join the competition with a larger group of people. Search for Game Your Core @stealthfitness

The website does provide a free guide with meal planning to get you started. Find this guide HERE

One last place to find new workout ideas is the Stealth Nation Youtube channel.

Stealth Nation YouTube


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stealth core trainer review

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