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The Zoom Call Workout

Zoom calls have become the new norm.  There are days that it may feel like a marathon of endless conference calls that are often having us press start with back-to-back meetings. 

With this, our bodies are moving less and less as we no longer get that time to walk between the conference rooms or down the hall. For me, I often find that bathroom breaks are the only movement I have out of my desk chair.

The less movement I have, the more my body becomes like stone stuck in that hunched over computer position with my hands in a permanent keyboard position.

So…this got me thinking. What kinds of movements can I do on a zoom call that wouldn’t be super distracting or have me counting reps?

Zoom calls have become the new norm and this has caused our movement to decrease drastically. Without movement, our bodies becoming sore, tired, and sometimes stuck like a stone. With just a few movements, we can make our bodies feel amazing AND not cause a distraction on that call.

The zoom call workout

Let’s be honest, you have been sitting at your desk (or even on the floor of bedroom) for the 5th straight consecutive hour on zoom calls. Lower back, legs, and even your arms are starting to cramp up.

This has become the new norm for many of us. This could be from our offices at work to even moving our work setting to our homes.

At this point, you may be asking “why does my entire body hurt?” Hard truth…we are failing our bodies. We are not meant to sit and stare at a computer screen for hours upon hours straight.

We went from movement from meeting to meeting. Standing, walking down the hallway to the next meeting, taking the stairs….we went from movement to..well…nothing.

I think it took a good couple of months for me to realize that my sore back and numb butt was completely related to the excessive sitting. I know…total “duh” moment.

I needed a change. Movement needed to come back into my life.

Notice that I didn’t say a certain exercise. The biggest takeaway that I can offer is that our bodies crave movement and this doesn’t have to be in a specific form of a move, workout, exercise or fit a certain box/definition.

This is about standing up, getting out of that chair, shaking out our arms, walking around your desk/chair…anything that gets us up and into a new position with active movement.

Let’s talk about a few things you can do on a zoom call that won’t be distracting or get you on a Zoom video on Facebook.

The really great thing about Zoom calls is that you are only on the screen from the chest up (can I say totally business on the top and sweats on the bottom).

The first step in this process is to take your breaks when you can. In-between those calls or the bathroom breaks, get up and move. Head to the bathroom that is a little further, take the steps, or even stand and stretch.

For me, I find that I am making notes from the last call and before I know it, it’s time for the next one. Add a five minute body break. It will not only make you feel better physically (and make your butt less numb), it will also mix up the mundate parts of our days.

the zoom call workout

5 “Perfect for Zoom Calls” moves

The Calf Raise

the zoom call workout

This is the perfect “beginner’s kit move” for a zoom call. And no one is going to know.

Hide those legs under your desk or table. Sit up straight in the chair and push those shoulders back (this part is going to feel fantastic). Stay here for just a moment.

Place your feet flat on the floor. Lift your heels up and tighten the calf muscle (muscle on the back of your lower leg). Can do both, one at a time, super slow, or super fast. So many combinations with just this one move.

Knee Raises – Extensions

the zoom call workout

This is another great one for right on the desk. Start with that focus on how you are sitting in your chair. Take all those good posture lessons we learned in school. Sit back in that chair…sitting tall on that tailbone…and roll those shoulders back.

Lift your knee just as if you were marching. Set down and do the other leg. This can be super slow or fast. When you are ready…add a little extension to that leg. Lift the knee up and then extend the leg straight out. Can totally move that ankle around as you are doing this one!

the zoom call workout

Chair Lifts

the zoom call workout

First step…pick your chair wisely.

Ok. Now sit back in your chair, straight up from that tailbone, and shoulders back. Place your hands on the arm rails of your chairs. Using your arms, slowly lift your body off the seat of the chair and then back down.

This one may be tough at first but work towards your arms holding your body weight.

Don’t forget about the core!

Knee Crunches

the zoom call workout

Sit back into your chair…leaning back. Slowly pull your knee into your chest. Play around with the move by doing one leg at a time or both legs.

Our last move….well I saved the best for last. This is the perfect “functional” move that we all need.

This is about getting something off the floor!

Floor Touches

the zoom call workout

Sit firmly in your chair, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Bent at the waist and touch the floor. Can’t touch the floor? Find a spot on your leg or the top of your shoe to reach for.


Want to see this one in action? Check out the video below. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href=";" title="ZOOM CALL WORKOUT | 5 exercises to start on your next call">ZOOM CALL WORKOUT | 5 exercises to start on your next call (;</a>

Wrapping this one up!

Girl….start right now. Stand up, roll those shoulders back, and shake the numbness in your booty.

You are going to feel like a new woman with just a bit of change to our daily zoom routines.

Which one was your favorite? Or do you have one that MUST be added to the list? Tell us below in the comments.

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zoom call workout

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