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Tips to Working Out with New Puppy

Have you just gotten a new furry family member? And good gracious…the energy and spunk of this new creature is overtaking every aspect of your life…and this includes your workout!

I chuckle when I run across a video where someone is working out with their well behaved dog and then think about my current situation!

This got me thinking…what can I do to make working out with this new little nugget possible?

Keep reading for my 3 top tips to get you started.

Getting a puppy can add tons of new challenges with everyday tasks and this includes working out. Check out this quick read for tips on how to have a safe workout for both you and the new furry family member.

tips for working out with a new puppy

As the need to workout at home has expediently exploded in the last year, this also brings on challenges when adding in new obstacles…like a new puppy.

My first attempts at a workout with the new pup brought a full face of puppy breath kisses and so much hopping and jumping. While this would be ok with a slower workout or one without a lot of equipment, I quickly realized that there was a great need for a safe place for the new pup and me.

Tip #1: Use your warm-up to wear out the new pup

sleepy french bulldog puppy

We need to warm up our bodies so why not multi-task this. Change your warm-up to a fun puppy game of running around, being chased, or finding that new amazing squeaky toy.

Goal…get to a sleepy pup to give you a solid 15 minute workout.

Tip #2: Create a safe space for both the pup and you during the workout

It’s super important to ensure that both of you are safe during a workout.

I don’t know about you but almost every room that this puppy goes has toys, mats, blankets, dog beds….so much stuff. And this stuff gets scattered around the room like popcorn.

Before starting that workout, do a quick review of what may be laying around you to stop the trip or slide hazards.

messy puppy area

For the pup, I highly recommend investing in a good playpen that allows them to play safely without constant eyes. Not only is this fabulous for when you are working out but also a great place for your pup with a break is needed.

All of the items above where purchased on Amazon and have been lifesavers.

ItemLinkPlaypenAmazonCloth CrateAmazonLarge Floor Pee PadsAmazon

puppy play pen

We also purchased the “extra” panels to make the playpen larger and they can be found HERE.

Tip #3: Use your pup in the workout

This one does come with a warning to be extra careful. But this is a great way to have a workout that is…well…adventurous.

Start small. One easy way is to use your pup as incentive in that core move or squat.

This is also a great spot to teach your new puppy some tricks.

working out with a puppy

Bonus Tip: Have tons of treats and water for both the pup AND you.

Take breaks when needed and have some water (and possible treat) for both of you.

The Workout

Now the fun part. Check out today’s arm and core workout that included the little nugget. Not sure that was totally effective but I did work up a good sweat laughing. can&#8217;t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: <a href="" title="HOME WORKOUT | 3 Tips for Working Out with a New Pup | + Full Arm/Core Workout">HOME WORKOUT | 3 Tips for Working Out with a New Pup | + Full Arm/Core Workout (</a>

Wrapping this one up!

Working out with a new pup can be challenging! For this very reason, it is very important to have a safe space for both the puppy and you.

What tips have you found that work? Tell us below in the comments.


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